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Hey David,

You are welcome, mate. Well to be honest with you the recent one year I am not using VPS anymore. We have placed it all on local computers.

First of all in long term it is cheaper(paying Forex VPS each month will cost a new computer after 2-3 years). Second, I prefer to have control over it. I do not want to bother about having my strategies, Meta Traders, and basically money in another company servers. But that is me…

Now, recently we were using Contabo (please do not take it as recommendation, just to make it easier for you) and there the basic plan with SSD, four cores and 8 GB as far as I remember was enough to run 2-3 Meta Traders with many Expert Advisors into, even with 99 EA. I hope that makes it clearer.

Have a great weekend too! Do not hesitate to drop me any other questions.

Kind regards,

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