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@Haliffa-I guess the data depends on your broker. For Forex, I’ve seen the data go back over 10 years. However, I only stick with 5 years as a cut off. Since EA Studio is only letting you use a max of 200,000 bars…then 5 years is enough bars for H1 and higher time frames. I believe D1 gives me about 3000+ bars if I go back 5 years, but rarely trade at that time frame. I’ve been sticking to M15 and H1 time frames. For M15 charts and going back to January 2013, that puts me at 146,000+ bars.

For the other assets (indicies, crypto, energy, metals), I don’t have as much data. They only go back as far as April 2018. So, it’s a bit more risky generating strategies for those and I put a lot of importance on being very specific with my filter criteria once a strategy was generated. Also, I started importing and generating strategies on live broker data. I try to keep it simple and not confuse between demo and live. I much prefer live. 🙂

Since you mentioned that you like trading Forex, are there any pairs that are your favorites?

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