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Glitch in Historical data App
Use of Historical data & Data Horizon
Thank you in advance.

@ Petko
Of course it’s similar to what you teach in your videos. I learned almost everything I know from you!
Not only do you teach me how to operate EA Studio, you also teach me how to think! I’m so grateful for that.
Love your teaching methods, your spirits and your optimism.

@ Richard
Thank you for showing me your own method. Very interesting and inspiring indeed.
I totally agree when you say:

This gives you the ability to test 100’s of ideas and get a pretty good idea of how they will work in the future. Of course, I am sure that this will not be quite as effective as running your ideas forward in actual time but it will let you know if you are on the right track.

This is exactly my missing link to getting started as a newbie.

Ilan (our teacher and moderator) has already introduced me to the Validator, and I studied everything I found about this tool in EA Studio. But pointing out that the Validator is not limited by 300 strategies as do the Collection, was new to me. An eye opener. Thank you again Richard.