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Hello David,

I am glad to hear that you are interested in our courses.

1. The Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors method is pretty new from 2018. It was developed by Forex Software LTD(the company that has developed EA Studio and FSB Pro). So pretty much all users and traders(including me) are still testing the new feature. From the technical side, I can assure you that it works without errors and mistakes in the code of the EAs. As yearly result, it is too early to say, because we are testing it from half an year. Also, I would never promise results to the students, because it depends on so many things – experience of the trader, time dedicated to the trading and practicing, market conditions, Forex news etc..

2. I have answered to this question just above. I do not promise results. Showing a live trading account or even Demo is always taken as a promise for profit from everyone. That is why we do not do it, and this is not the purpose of EA Forex Academy, because we do not provide copy trading, signals, or following accounts. All of the traders and companies that are offering that try to show some results, because they need people to subscribe.

Also, all results can be manipulated and you can find many videos how people are doing that on fxblue, myfxbook and other statistical websites.

3. It is also hard to suggest trading capital for t he Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. It depends how much risk capital one is willing to use. The most important is to trade with small lot size which will fit your capital. For example if you have an account somewhere between 1000 – 5000, you can trade with 100 EAs all trading with 0.01. Totally you will have 1 complete lot, but nearly half of the strategies will be selling and the others buying so you will not have problems with the margin.

What we are doing here is pure education. In my courses I teach the traders how to use professionally the strategy builders, and I provide some EAs and Portfolio EAs that the students can practice with. You need to know that it is your responsibility if you will use those in live account. I always suggest the traders to practice every system first on Demo account.

That is why we do not show results, statements, accounts because this is the job to the scam companies, my purpose is education.

Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have some other questions about the Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors.

Kind regards

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