Hi Omosisko,


There could be a few reasons for this. Could you answer the following questions please?

  1. Where is the historical data from (broker) and how many bars do you have?
  2. What is the Acceptance Criteria you are using?
  3. Are you running the Generator, or the Reactor with data optimization and robustness testing?
  4. How long, in minutes, is your Generator running for?
  5. Are you using In Sample, and Out of Sample, and if you are, what percentage?
  6. Is your PC / laptop High spec? If possible, please tell me what CPU and how much RAM.
  7. Please check the date range you are using, by going to ‘Data’, and ‘Data Horizon’ to ensure your start and end dates aren’t selected, or too close together.


Generally, lack of strategies is due to the Acceptance Criteria being to strict, not enough historical data or the Generator not running for long enough.


Once I have received your answers to my questions, I’ll have a better idea of what is causing you to create few strategies.