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Me too as entrepreneur, i have no fixed day off.

I understand the problem and i did it again here the results:
nuovogbpyjpy_secondo_indiczioni<br />what is the boiling point for aluminum<br />

it seems that it has huge drawdown (when i use an Ea in real i typicaly use 0,10 lots)

I also did the montecarlo test (that i finally understand how it works)

mont_229<br />what is the boiling point for aluminum<br />

montecarlo_229_pt_2<br />what is the boiling point for aluminum<br />

How it looks to you? My broker and this strategy work well together?


Now i have 3 good “looking” EA (EURUSD-EURGBP-GBPUSD), 1 (USDJPY) With too little data (but in demo in 5 days it closed everyday in loss) and this.

Probably i will buy the 99 ea course even if testing all of them would be difficoult considerinf FX blue doesn’t track very well the magic numbers

Thank you again

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