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Hello Edu,

the free lectures are actually in video on the FSB Pro page: Tutorials for FSB Pro

The results are negative with you in the Monte Carlo because you have used nearly all of the options. And because you have small data, your EAs probably are a bit over-optimized.

With Monte Carlo I use it normally with the last 2 Strategy Variation, and I remove all the rest. Simply, the Monte Carlo in FSB Pro makes variety of test for the things you choose on the left side. So here it made many different tests with skip positions, slippage and so on. That is why the results is like that.

Give it a try only with the last two, because these are about the strategy. And this is what we care about.

The first one are the Market variations, if you have problems with your historical data(yours is just small) and the spread. Second are the Execution problems, which are about your broker. If you have such, you better change the broker.

Let me know what are the results with the last two only.

Kind regards,

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