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Hello Edu,

you did a very good job! Only on the Slow MA period on the Moving Average crossover indicator. You see the ] sign after the 20. This means that it possible can give you a bigger number if you give it a bigger maximum range.

You better test the parameters from your brokers data. You can run a Monte Carlo test to see if the strategies are not over-optimized.

Also, EURGBP look really good on your data.

What you need to do is just leave the Meta Trader opened, and it will collect you more bars with the time. After that just drag the scripts over the Meta Trader, and place the data in the FSB.

You should try to generate strategies as well with FSB. Did you watch the free lectures that we have on the website from the developer of FSB? They are very useful, and they will give you better understanding of FSB.

I do not do 1 on 1 lessons any more. Simply because, during the last 1 year I had more than 12 000 students joining my courses, and I couldn’t do it physically, and to answer all mails. That is why we started the forum. So this way, when someone ask questions just like you did, all the other students will see the answers and solutions, and the support is much more effective and faster.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

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