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Hello Edu,

Glad to hear from you. Actually you did not do properly some of the tests, and also it is very important to optimize the EAs according to your Historical data. As I explain in the course, the brokers provide very different quotes/prices, and that is why you will see some bad or negative resutls from the EAs I included in the course. That is why there is a lecture in the course, where I teach how to do proper optimization.

1. Regarding your Historical data, on USDJPY M1, I see that you have only 11479 bars on your FSB strategy, and with EURUSD and GBPUSD you have 65k. Make sure you get more bars for USDJPY, anyway 11k bars for M1 is really really small period of time.

2. The 65 000 bars is limitation from Meta Trader that you can remove. Go to Tools – Options and click on Charts.

Enter 9999999999999 as a number on both, and click on OK:

Restart Meta Trader, and press again the Home Key for the small time frames as M1 and M5 Then export again the data with the script for FSB.

And than you should make the test, and optimize the strategies using FSB as I show in the course

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