Hey Petko,

Glad to hear from you too.
Thank you for clarifying how to decide the maximum data bars and that they still come from Dukascopy.

As to the symbol settings’ issue:
Do you mean that I cannot adjust two sets of data from “Premium Data/Dukascopy” on the same pairs to be used on two different brokers respectively? Even if it’s done one set (on one broker) at a time?

And yes! It would be nice to ask Mr. Popov if he can do something about it, and I’ll look forward to the outcome.
But before you trouble him with my request, please check the following example to see if I really have an issue!

My working process:
1- I acquire data from the “Data App” (e.g. GBPUSD-H1.json).
2- I adjust the time zone to the broker-1’s time zone.
3- I download the data (GBPUSD-H1) to a folder I name “broker-1” on my computer.
4.1- I drag & drop (GBPUSD-H1) from my computer onto the EA Studio’s Drop zone.
4.2- The data show up under “My data” as “Premium Data GBPUSD – remove”
4.3- I select them from:
Generator > 1. Historical data > Data source = “Premium Data” ; Symbol = GBPUSD ; Period = H1   (+ other settings)
5- I run the Generator/reactor

Then I repeat (1-5) with the same pair…
But in step (2) I adjust the time zone to my 2nd broker’s time zone,
and in step (3) I download to a folder I name “broker-2” on my computer.
The trouble comes when I reach step (4.3) where I select the data source…
It’s still called “Premium Data”  EVEN THOUGH the data is adjusted to my 2nd “broker-2”. That’s what confuses me!
How can I see the difference when the source “Premium Data” is the same for both brokers?
I wish I could edit the name (or that Mr. Popov adjusts EA Studio to automatically change the name of the source) to e.g. “Premium Data-borker1” and “Premium Data-broker2”

Without that feature, I feel that my only choice of comparing two brokers is to use the EA Studio Data Export Script. Right?

Hope I’m not too much trouble to anybody!

Thank you.