Yeah, and one more thing I just wonder, when I use time setting like this:

Monday – Thursday: 00:15 – 24:00

Friday: 00:00 – 23:45

Close trades at the end of Friday

No trade on Sunday

I’m using 15M timeframe


I have checked my trading account, orders are exactly like in the backtest journal, if we put EAs to work before open on Monday but not during the week, and pull off EAs at weekend.


So Im thinking about can it help with EAs, because I just think that when we use Demo account and choose the best performer,

for example, there maybe a chance that they are in there winning phase (not because¬† they are actually¬† the best), and when we put them in trading account, they ‘can’ start loosing.


From your advices, I get that we should trade no more than 10 EAs (each 0.01 lot / $1000) .

So I will trade on 5 pairs, 2 EAs on each one:







So now I’m planning to skip the demo part, as the journal in backtest of EA Studio can actually ‘do’ it (we can always update the latest data to the studio and see how the EAs would have performed)


So my plan is just using the out of sample or walk forward testing to validate my robots,

and replace old ones only when I have new generated with better statistics in backtest and validator.

Of course this can only be done with specific time setting and we can only change EAs at the end of week, but I dont think that is a problem.

What do you guys think ?