Hej Petko,

Yes you did and I appreciate your answers as they help me to better understand EA Studio.

1. In that case the lot size box in the EA Studio is irrelevant and could practically be removed since the lot size has no relevance whatsoever to the related strategy.
(Please… it’s not a suggestion, I’m just a newbie trying to understand the logic behind the system)

I was planning on creating strategies based on different lot sizes to see what size of account balance would sustain the strategies – That’s my newbie logic… Don’t laugh!

3. What I meant was:
There’s no need to re-run a strategy on demo, (one more time), if I just change the lot size. Of course demo trading is recommended.

4. Good point!
The only reason (I can think of) for trading 10 EAs of 0.01 in stead of 1 EA of 0.1 is to be organized and avoid adjusting the lot sizes up and down… I don’t know yet what’s more practical:
– Operating with EAs of the same lot size and adding more of them as the trading progress positively,
– or changing the lot size on ONE chart to 0.1 (and thus deleting 9 charts of 0.01 each).

5. See, that’s logic because:
I you cannot say the same about lot size:
For example: “When you create 0.1 EAs you should be trading 0.1 EAs”.