Hi Petko,

Thanks for your prompt answer and the valuable advises.

Yes, I blocked my credit card and I am ready to forget about this loss (250EUR).

How ever there are still two issues which bother me:

1. The equity is going down to large negative figures, more larger then then 250. What if it comes to thousands?  Can they request those bigger losses from  me ?(yet they know my physical address). Can they send to me some collectors? What is the usual experience?

2.  How to stop all this trades and limit them not to grow? I installed the PC platform MQL4 and there are a lot of tools to manipulate/control the trades. So, can you give me some simple tips how to stop those trades , all together , (better) one by one? What happens in I switch off the “Algo trading ” button (make it red). Does it stop the open positions?

I hope this is not too much to bother you and to waste your time.

Stay healthy!

Thank you!