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User AvatarViolet

Dear friends,

I decided to share my bad fortune with the brokers, even I wanted to keep it for my self and just forget it, I do not think I will ever forget it.

However, I have decided that it will be more useful if I share it…

It all started last September when I have registered for some online robot that brings 90% profit on monthly basis, I do not know I could have believed that I why I did put money it to it. By the time I realized that this is not real, I have funded the X company with more than 25K euro. These were my savings for the last 3 years.

Last month I came across to one of the courses from Petko, because I decided that this will be my job(after I have earned more than the invested capital in 8 months, my account was over 60k with the account manager).

Than going over the course from Petko, I stated to doubt the methods and the systems this manager was following, and finally I came to this topic and realized that it was all a lie. I started to ask them to redraw some of my money, and there were always reasons to be refused. One day they stopped answering the phone…

Even I am not going to practice trading anymore(or for sure until I forget this all), I am happy I met the courses of Petko, because he made me realize the stupid mistake, and if it was not him, I would have placed more money into that company. So I am very thankful to him, and that he is one of the few people who fights the scam brokers and helps the students to recognize them.

So, what to say more, if you are reading this and you still did not fund an account with any broker, consider yourself to be lucky and a winner already.

Anyway, may be when I save some money again, I will go over the courses from EA Forex Academy, and do trading by myself, but for the moment I do not have nearly any money left and my mind is so tired that I do not think I will be able to do it…just want to forget it..

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