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Dear Van,
Glad to hear from you, and welcome to the forum and the Academy.
We have many courses, it depends on what will fit you. Tomorrow we will launch the first basic course. So far we have only advanced courses, but since many students asked us for a basic course, we decided to do it. It is called Basic cryptocurrency trading course – A to Z. It this course, I go from the basics to the advanced algorithmic trading. As well there you will find the answer about the best Forex Expert Advisor, and how to look for it.
Anyway, we have some more algorithmic trading courses. You can have a look at the Top 5 Forex Strategies, where each strategy is automated as a Forex Expert Advisor.
Also, in Top 10 EURUSD Forex strategies course, you can look for the best Forex expert Advisor, by trading the 10 EAs in one account and select the best performer.
We have as well two great courses for Bitcoin and Ethereum, where I have decided to put 99 Expert Advisors, and more, I update every month with new 99 EAs. There you will have much bigger chance to find the best Expert Advisor for you.

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