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User AvatarTom Storm

Hello Laura,

thank you for your advice. Yes, I saw the video about the Scam brokers in many courses of the academy. I think that everyone NEVER MUST BE TRUSTET IF ANYONE CALL HIM AND SUGGEST TO MANAGE HIS MONEY!!! It is clear that it will be totally liar and everyone at first must be read this topic or see the lectures about Scam Brokers from the Petko course, because “people this is your money,do not give them to someone who will lied you!” First of all you can learn a lot and than you can trade alone, without someone who promise you that will be manage your money (Scam brokers, again!) Be carefull and read the first publication in the topic “How to recognize the Scam Brokers?” -there are really many advices that can be protect you!


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