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User AvatarAlan Northam

Have you been looking for a profitable method of trading Expert Advisors?  If so, then I recommend following the method I used in trading Expert Advisors that lead to a funded Infinity Forex Fund account.

Also, have you been wondering if EA Studio is worth the investment.  In my opinion YES!  I used EA Studio to create the Expert Advisors used in the Infinity Forex Fund Challenge that lead to a funded account.

Did you know you do not need to purchase EA Studio before you learn how to use it?  I have devised a step by step teaching method in learning how to use EA Studio.  In this teaching method you will learn in detail how to use EA Studio, you will also be able to create some Expert Advisors and test them in a demo account, all before you purchase EA Studio.  Once you have learned how to use EA Studio and have created some Expert Advisors and tested them in a demo account then you can decide if EA Studio is for you.

To follow my step by step method in learning EA Studio, creating Expert Advisors and testing them in a demo account click on the “EA Studio How To” link in my preceding post above!


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