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I am in the same boat using the top robots shown on weekly chart and literally every trade is a losing trade I have nearly blown nearly two accounts using the tope robots. It worked for  about two weeks with this strategy now today I checked and it shows on Weekly these are the top assets to trade according to the Prop Robot App: XAGUSD M15 #1637565497, EURJPY M15 #1446236375, XAGUSD M15 #57633752. Today for XAGUSD M15 #1637565497 I am down $-520. I looked on my trading history and it shows 4 of my trades all of them hit TP but all TP in a loss!! I set my parameters as follows its a $200k account 3% max daily loss and 8% ($16,000) Target. Total max loss is 8% ($16,000). The 4 trades that took a loss were tiny scalp trades with very close TP near the entry price and all ended in a loss!! The trades are as follows: ALL were .26 Lot size for XAGUSD. Trade 1. SELL ORDER Entry price = 30.9617  SL = 30.9984  TP=30.9818. LOSS of $25.61. Trade 2. SELL ORDER Entry price = 30.6667  SL = 30.6995  TP= 30.6829. LOSS of $19.11. Trade 3.  BUY ORDER Entry price = 30.6207  SL = 30.5879  TP = 30.6045. LOSS of $19.50. Trade 4. SELL ORDER Entry price = 30.6592  SL = 30.6920  TP = 30.6754. LOSS of $20.15.

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