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should I check the prop robot add daily instead of setting on Weekly and going in once a week to add top performers to my chart? This is how I did it for the last 2 weeks and like I said I started at $200k on low risk settings and added just the top 3-5 robots that had the highest profit factor from the prior weeks and in a 2 week period I was right on the edge of passing phase 1 of my challenge and was amazed by the bot! Everything was going smoothkly! Then this week everything was wiped away I actually lost one prop challenge becuase of this but I was taking two $200k challenges and one of them thankfully I am still active but almost blew the 2nd account today! The good news is at least I can rebuild as long as I didnt blow the account. So should I select Daily on the prop robot app now and see which bots performed well each day and switch bots out daily OR should I still only go in once per week and see which bot performed well the prior week?

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