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Anyone else seeing huge losses from these prop robots this week? I went from $200k account up to $215k ($15k in profit in 2 weeks) then this week I am down to $205,500, Huge losses! Seems like Robots are very up and down. My strategy is to go in once per week and see which robots performed best for the prior week then the top 3-5 bots I add to my prop challenge for the following week trading. First two weeks of using the robots gains were amazing now the third week this week I am seeing huge losses especially today on USDJPY I lost like $3500 and in a $1600 floating loss overall. I am focused on a few pairs that seemed to perform well on the prior weeks. USDJPY, USDCHF, EURJPY, and XAUUSD. I have a number of USDJPY bots trading 1553814431, 538832091, 2013751115, 2067664102. Any Thoughts?

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