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User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

Hi Tsholo, practically you can, as long as you’re using the appropriate EAs for your account, but you might face several challenges with the live account.

First, if you plan to use the EAs from the Prop Firm Robots app on a live account, you need to download the EAs for the appropriate account size, e.g. if you’re planning to use them on a $10k live account, then you would need to download EAs for $10k challenge.

Another thing is that the EAs from the Prop Firm Robots app come with several protections that you preset prior to downloading the EAs. Those reflect most prop firm challenges requirements. You can modify them after downloading the EAs. Those are the Daily Protections and Account Protections. While these are good when participating in prop challenges, they might limit the trading in the live account. On the other hand, they can help to protect the account from huge losses in case market goes downside. So it’s a personal choice if you’re going to change them or not.

Another difference is that each individual EA in the Top 10 App by default is preset to 0.1 lots per trade. In the Prop Firm Robots app the each EA has its own individual lots, and the lot size differs from the risk settings – low (0.5% of the account per EA), medium  (1% per trade per EA) or high (2% per trade per EA).

Always start with a demo account with the same size you plan to have on the live account and test different setups to see what works for you and if you’re satisfied.

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