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User AvatarTsholo Monyausi

hi Pekto and team

im new to trading and i have just completed your 21 day programme.

thank you so much, it was an overall good experience for me.

i would really love to have access to your to your Top 10 App, i think it can really help me to get started. im not too comfortable at this stage creating my own EAs.

unfortunately for me, the price is too high, i think i speak for most new traders.

so my question is, have you thought of maybe creating a monthly subscription model for us new traders who cannot afford the app upfront. this would allow us to start making money with it and eventually be able to buy the full package.

this will be another revenue stream for you, i guess, as many of us would depend on it until our trading skills are good.

just a thought for you to consider Pekto. it would really help.




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