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Thank you Marin,

I have the following suggestions to improve the Top 10 EA App page:

-Would it be possible for the magic numbers of the individual EAs be coped to the portfolio mode? This will let us track the top performers weekly and compare against the dashboard best EAs. Currently when you export in portfolio mode it creates its own magic number making it hard to compared against the dashboard top performers.

-Add current position (Buy/Sell) and lot sizes for each EA for your virtual demo account.  This would help us compare live accounts against your virtual Demo account from Blackbulls. Currently all I can compare is the most recent trade is a winner or loose. Seems to match pretty well with my live account, but having the current position would help and give confidence to the users that trades are similar. i.e  its like having virtual MyFXBook

-Have the option to close trades on Friday night (Allow uses to select “close trades in profit” or “Close all” on Friday night

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