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Guys you will be surprised to see that when you are using forex ea and cryptocurrencies ea, the little difference there is just the history data behind and the optimization process.
What I mean is that if you have already few forex ea you, you can easily modify them to cryptocurrency ea.
What you need to do:
1. Upload the forex ea that you have in the EA Studio.
2. After that import history data for the cryptocurency ea that you wish to create (the cryptocurrency history data – Bitcoin for example)
3. See the performance of the new cryptocurrency ea – probably you will find it horrible. This is normal because this was a forex ea and you see it now as a crytpocurrency ea.
4. Optimize the EA for the new cryptocurrency data.
5. Be careful to avoid over optimization by using round steps in the optimizer
6. And just repeat it for all forex ea that you have, in order to find a profitable cryptocurrency ea.
7. If you can not find any, simply run the reactor over the cryptocurrency data, and you will have many

Hope this helps and I think I will add to this topic cryptocurrency ea, because everybody is asking us for that.

Feel free to share cryptocurrency ea here, as well as forex ea.
Cheers guys!

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