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Hey Boyan,

So, about the daily reset hour, you need to ask your broker or prop firm whatever you are using, what timezone their platform is based on and just set it to be at the end of the day of that timezone.

About medium and high impact news, the difference is that medium is less volatile and high impact news are very volatile which means that the price moves extremely fast and it can be dangerous to trade at that time.

Regarding the minutes, we have it at about 2-3 minutes before but you can set it at even 5-10 minutes before. Though, 60 minutes is also really good as you are way more safe!

So, USDJPY and EURJPY, are different pairs which means the prices are also different and that is why you do not see the same lot size.

The reason you see 0 entry lots on XAUUSD is because the risk is very low. You will need to set it 50 pips or less to see what lot size you need to use. Also, about the ask price, I am not too sure about that, I would say it is because it is commodity but yea, I am not too sure.

Did you receive any error while trying importing them?

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

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