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User AvatarBoyan Todorov

Hey Nikos,

I need you support again please. I put yesterday 4 EAs to trade on a 25k demo account to test the account protection settings. I tried to fill the Daily rest hour(terminal) in the settings, but I dont know how exactly to put it. I need to put 17:00 EST there? Another thing is the news filter – what is the difference between Medium and High news filter? I have both set now. What are the recommended before and after settings in minutes? I have now for both Medium and High news 60 minutes for before and after.

Another thing is the risk calculation again. I am trading the following EAs with the following Stop Losses and calculated Entry lots for 1% risk on the account:

XAUUSD – SL 3306 pips, Entry lots 0 according to myfxbook

XAUUSD – SL 3246 pips, Entry lots 0 according to myfxbook

USDJPY – SL 29 pips, Entry lots 1,34 according to myfxbook

USDJPY – SL 16 pips, Entry lots 2,43 according to myfxbook

I find these results unusual. When I calculated the pair EURJPY with 154 pips SL for the same conditions I got as a result for the Entry lots 0,25 lots. Why do I get a 0 for the Entry lots on the XAUUSD? Also when I calculate the XAUUSD in myfxbook I don’t have the XAUUSD Ask price displaed like in the pair USDJPY – why? Is there something I am missing?

And finally I downloaded yesterday the current 100 robots from the app and put them individually on a demo account. However I was able to put only 99 EAs on the same account in mt4. Is there a limitation ad if so, how can I solve this?


kind regards


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