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User AvatarBoyan Todorov

Hey Nikos,

thanks for the quick responce.

So to sum up and finalize the topic risk caluclation – I would keep the account in USD. This is what I posted yesterday maybe you missed it:

‘Anyway I did the calculation one more time with both calculators with the following inputs: Currency Pair EURJPY, Account Currency USD, Account Size 25.000, Risk Ratio 1%, Stop-Loss(Pips) 154 (according to the EA I am going to use) and I put 1 in the ‘Trade Size(Lots)’ field in myfxbook calculator. It shows automatically USDJPY 155,81100 there. This value I put in the field Current USDJPY Ask Price in the babypips calculator. I get pretty much the same results from both calculators – Sizing according myfxbook is 0,25 lots and Standard Lots according to babypips is 0,2529. So that means, that when I put 0,25 in the field Entry lots of the EA I will be risking 1% from the 25k account per trade, correct? In the Complete Guide video Petko used 0,1 but this is myabe because he was trading 10K account right? So this would be risk medium according to the Prop Firm Robots App, and if i want to trade low risk I should put 0,125 in my case right?

Just tell me if I got everything right, tnanks!

As to the cryptos – if you tell me what instrument is being traded I will do my own research on the calculator.

Thanks for your opinion on the choice of the EAs, what do you mean by this – ‘they seem to have a good potential since the losses that really big’ ?


Kind regards


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