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User AvatarBoyan Todorov

Hey Nikos,

do you see my screenshots at all? Because I don’t. I tried several times to load them, it simply does not work.  Anyway, refreshing the page did not do it, it starts from scratch afterwards. And since I am trading EURJPY I am not sure if  I get the right risk calculation putting in the ask price for USDJPY ? Is there maybe another online calculator with more options that also covers the commodities?

Here is my risk calculation:


Account Balance 25.000 USD

Risk Percentage 1%

Stop Loss(pips) 154

Currency Pair EUR/JPY

Current USD/JPY Ask Price 166,319


Amonut at risk 250 USD

Position Size(units) 26.999,8377

Standard Lots 0,37

Mini Lozs 2,7

Micro Lots 26,9998

Does this look plausible to you? I also noticed, that when I calculate the risk for the currency pair EUR/USD, which is the default setting when you open the calculator, it calculates the risk without asking for the Current Ask Price – what is your comment on this?

How is the daily reset hour setting working after all? What happens when I put a time there?



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