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Dear Andy,

Thank you for writing personally to me here in the forum, and I will answer to you as follows:

Yes, we are not connected to any broker and long time I did not allow any of my mentors or colleagues to suggest brokers, but the problem with the scam brokers is getting bigger and bigger. Nearly every day students are writing to us that they have lost money with some scammers. Unfortunately we can not do anything to help them get beck the money. The only thing is to give you some tips(As Svet did), so we will make sure that our students will avoid such scam brokers.

As a decent broker that we are recently using is JFDBrokers. They have really tided spreads, swaps etc. Also, they are regulated, and they have office in Varna(where the academy was created and I have personally checked the office to see if all is good over there.

I would like to warn that if any brokers start typing here(believe me I can recognize really quickly), their posts will be deleted.

Hope this helps Andi


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