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User AvatarBoyan Todorov

Thanks Nikos, this was the part that I understand. Lets stay with the Top 3 exapmle(I assume if I download all 10 of them it is the same). When I open the portfolio EA in the meta editor the strategies are numbered like 10001, 100002, 100003 and so on. And when I download the individual robots they have random numbers. How do I know which robot corresponds to what number in the meta editor?

Secondly, the other very important thing that bothers me now is the issue with same number different symbol. Like you can see in my screenshot, the best performing strategy is 100001. One can assume it is the first one from the portfolio with magic number 100. However it trades different pairs – EURGBP, XAGUSD, EURUSD – so this is confusing me. It is alywas one symbol per portfolio isn’t it? So what is going on here?

Thanks a lot!


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