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User AvatarBoyan Todorov

Hi Nikos,

thanks for your input. I’ve been trading the 10 Portfolios of the Top 10 EAs app for a bit more than a week on a 100k demo account with the standard settings. I will choose the Top 3 best performing strategies and I will put them on a 25k FX2 Funding challenge and I want to make sure I have the right settings. I am allowed to have a max. DD on the account of 6% or $ 1500 and a max. daily DD of 4% or $1000. Considering spreads, swaps, comissions and slippage I will set max. daily loss at 3% to make sure I don’t get below the 4%. The min. equity I will set to $23700 with a buffer of $200. The max. equity I will set to 27 050 to be on the safe side. Since I don’t have a setting for the risk in the app(like in the Prop Firms App) I am not sure what to put into the lot size, the max. open positions and max. open lot? I want to trade with medium risk of 1% per trade, but can you please help me calculate these parameters to get the best out of it? I would definitely chose a max spread of 30 points. Is it reasonable to have the news filter switched on, or this will result in a poor performance? Thanks a lot!


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