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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Marten,

Yes, gold is volatile!

Keep in mind you have selected to have 2 indicators to signal closing the trades. With EA Studio pushing the SL and TP so far away, it is telling me it is not using them but is using the indicators to signal buy and sell signals as well as signals to close trades.

I ran a test with account $2000 and lot size 0.1.

I then went to Collections and filtered with Maximum equity drawdown of 10% and Minimum count of trades of 50.

I then selected a strategy, selected Report and then selected Stats info.

I then scanned down to “Maximum Loss” which equaled 8% in the strategy I selected. So with a $2000 account this equals to a max loss of $160. You can go to the Journal of the strategy and scan down through to profit column to see the losses in dollars. You can then calculate the losses in percent by dividing dollar loss by the account balances.  The maximum loss you should find should equal 8%.

You can use 8% to set up your stop loss.

I am in the United States so I cannot actually trade gold with a forex broker, all I can do is use EA Studio to look at back tests.


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