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User AvatarKonstantinos Borsis

Hey Alan, thanx for the feedback. The EU trade was closed completely as i didnt set up partial tp. After that the bot didnt open any other trades on the same day. After that i switched to a different set up keeping the XAU as more active and due to its higher value wins i had.

However the past few days XAU on M15 has opened a few trades the wrong way (or at least the against the market but at the correct direction at the time just the market didnt follow) so this week i wa a bit at loss. Far from the EP and the losses were smaller as the sl or the manual closing/manual trail were much shorter than the win runs. I am now trying to self control against getting scared if a trade goes the wrong way for say 3-4 hours with no signs or reversal and also trying to figure out if setting manual trail sl would help in some cases. In general, i have studied Petko’s approach with choosing only 1-2 top performers and changing nothing of the settings and simply trusting the system and let it run its course. Maybe only tweak lot size a bit and if profitable start scaling up.

One thing i noticed is that Thursday and Friday XAU opened 2-3 trades thinking it will go buy but market went massively sell so the bot stayed the course until it closed earlier at some point with about 70-100$ loss and at the same time opened a new trade on the prevailing direction and gained back some of the losses in the end. But, since this is not grid or martingale, does the bot do that in general? Closing early and opening new opposing trade on its own? I didnt see any close at opposite signal settings.

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