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User AvatarKonstantinos Borsis

A wee update on progress : EU, AU and XAU bots have been running on my 3 challanges (10k, 25k and 50k) for about a couple weeks now. In general there is more win in value than loss, vast majority of trades is with XAU and the last week was not good but still safe under the EP limit.

EU made a couple of trades both of them wins. However for both pairs since the TP was pretty far away, i had to close the trades in profit manually after at least 3/4 of the TP run was done. Sometimes by setting manual trail in MT or by simply cloing the position.

Now based on the above, i will try a different set up for the coming week focusing on even lower top performers 1-2. I will also get all bots in the app running on a 25k demo making sure their total lot size is within the 1% of the medium risk. I ll run them for at least a month to check best performers there and compare with what the app suggests and my selections for the first couple of weeks in order to cross check and have a better view.

I am pretty sure that not all top performers will perform on the blue side, however i am also pretty sure that there are 1-3 that will show promising consistency and i am more than curious to see that since different brokers, different pairs and different market conditions can vastly affect theoretical optimisation, so real market conditions would probably the only way to have better understanding and verify.


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