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User AvatarTrader Matt

Hello Mhd,

How are you ?

I cannot advise you of anything financially. I can share my thoughts and opinions, but as for actual trading on your accounts, that’s all up to you my friend.

So far, the Forex Gold Investor has performed very well on all our accounts, besides the recent crazy amount of losses. But with the v1.94 of Gold Investor, that should help protect accounts, and thus protect profits.

The robot comes with great default settings, I usually change the AutoMM to 1 and AutoMM_Max to 2 for both systems, and now I’m adding a 5% protection parameter.

I can suggest trialling it on a demo account until you understand it more and feel comfortable with the robot and the settings enough to switch to a live account.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope this helps.

And as always, happy trading 😀



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