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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Konstantino,

So, when you access the Prop Firm Robot app the first thing you do is to select the account size, the Daily DD, the Max DD, the Profit target, the risk, and the news filter option.  Lets say you select 1% risk.  This means you are risking 1% of the account balance.  So if you chose to trade 3 robots then the total account risk is 3%.   So if the prop firm you are using has a daily DD limit of 5% then there is nothing you need to do.  Professional traders do not risk more than 2% on each trade nor do they risk more than a total account risk of 6%.  So this strategy would be inline with what the pros do.

I like the idea of looking for the smoother graph line.  This is the same as looking for the robots with the lower DD.






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