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User AvatarGavin P

Hi Boyan,


Sorry I’m not sure where my previous comment went..

I am using the Prop Firm ones that are currently top 3 for low risk.

According to the EA page i downloaded them from, I am supposed to be at least a little bit profitable but so far.. nothing.

EURAUD M15 v6.0 #1486211416 – profit $198, drawdown 0.05%

USDCHF M15 v6.1 #1586270803 – profit $196, drawdown 0.49%

AUDCHF M30 v6.1 #1460069807 – profit $186, drawdown 0.13%

those are apparent returns, I am currently -$770, so either I am doing something wrong or these just do not work as advertised.

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