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User AvatarAlan Northam

I wanted to wait for several weeks before responding to Petko’s request to share my workflow as I did not want traders to think it was just luck as to the progress made after just a week or two.  I wanted traders to be able to see it in action over several weeks in order to give my workflow credibility.

My favorite time frame is M15.  I used the last one year of historical data from Infinity Forex Funds. I also used the default Monte Carlo for my robustness test.  The Acceptance Criteria was profit factor 1.2, count of trades 100.  I did not use Out of Sample testing as I do this in real time on the actual brokerage server I use.  From the collection I chose the strategies with a balance line that looks as close as possible to a straight upward sloping line.

While the above process of creating strategies has some importance, I do not believe it is the only thing of importance.  I believe the most important part of trading the Expert Advisors is how you trade them.  I have seen many traders take high quality Expert Advisors and try to trade with them and end up losing, and then blaming the EA.  Beginning traders think all they have to do is purchase an EA slap it on a chart and the profits will come.  I do not believe in this principle.  I believe the trader has to properly apply a trading strategy in using the EAs to be successful.   By following through my weekly reports I believe you will learn my workflow on how I am successful in trading Expert Advisors.  I believe you can take this workflow and apply to any well created Expert Advisor and be successful at trading.  However, I do not believe my workflow is the only workflow their is to being a successful trader as all successful traders have developed their own successful workflow.  This is just simply the workflow I have developed to be successful at trading Expert Advisors.  With practice and determination, you too, can develop your own workflow that makes you a successful trader.


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