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after the fail of the Forex Gold Investor on last Friday, I stopped using it for a while and I am looking for a new EA , because I want to continue trading my darwinex zero account and also my brand new FX2 Funding challenge which I also have to start trading within 30 days. According to the current trading results you post the two candidates would be the Forex Diamond EA and the Top 10 App Robots and I have some questions about those.

– Firstly why does the Forex Diamond EA performs differently in the last 30 days on the live account results and on the challenges results(find the screenshots in the attachments)?

– secondly you have in the results on the live account the Top 10 App(XAUUSD) and on the challenges the Prop Firm Robots which is performing a lot better during the last 30 days. What is the difference between these two?

– and last but not least – when I click on Top 10 App(XAUUSD) in the Live acoount results table and on the Prop Firm Robots  in the challenges resukts table I get different offers to purchase – see the screenshot comparison in the attachment. I thought there is a 50% discound this week on all plans of the Top 10 robots can you please explain? And I also do not understand the difference of the offers on the left and on the right side – the first two columns on the left are included only10 Gold Robots – what about the first two columns on the right side – what is here included? And also the third column – on the left it is 100 EAs and on the right side only 10 although double the price?

Please get back with me soon as I want to make up my mind anf take advantage of the discount. Thanks a lot!

best regards

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