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User AvatarGregor Cieplak

Hello, I am using FTMO (now Prop firm) robots  on my live and demo accounts for about 4 months. Really it’s getting worse and worse. I cannot show you all my results from demo accounts because I have only one month demos at my broker, but you can watch my last week results on my demo.


I have  all 14 EAs active on my demo, but on my live account I use only six (month’s) best from Prop Firm App. Unfortunately these which are the best in week for example 12 give worse results in week 13 than others which are the best in next week.  It means on my live account where I’m using 6 best EAs my results are bad as well. In my opinion current market conditions are different from those that existed at the time of creation EAs and they simply need updating, I mentioned about it in another topic.  I think I will not renew my subscription if the results are still the same as they are now.

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