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User AvatarNicholas Moreno

Hi Traders,

Exciting update – I’ve had the top 5 robots running on a Demo account for under 48 hours, and currently have 3 trades open! All in profit at the moment. Just excited to see this working. 🙂

I have a few quick questions in regards to using the robots on Prop Firm challenges?

1. Does the leverage matter in your Prop firm accounts? Anything to be aware of in regards to account leverage when running the EAs?

2. What is better, all-in or raw spreads?

3. In Terms of Scaling when using the EAs, is the suggested way to wait till half your profit target is acheived, then double the lot size? Or, do you scale after you’ve won 1 trade for the day (so the second trade after that is doubled?) or is it personal preference? Just wondering what is the best/most recommended path to scaling?

Thank you all!


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