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User AvatarNicholas Moreno

Hi everyone!

Luckily i was on a demo account but i made a small mistake. I think i figured it out but want to check.

1.) If you wanted to double check that your correct robot is on the correct chart, can you maximize the chart and make sure the text in the upper left, and upper right match?

For example:

Upper left: GBPAUD, M30 Pound Sterling vs Australian Dollar (this is the CHART you’re looking at right?)

Upper right: Prop Firm Robot v6.0 10k Medium GBPAUD M30 (i think this is the name of the robot?)

Basically, can you check that these 2 match ^ to know that you put the right EA on the right chart?

I had made a mistake earlier and noticed that they did NOT match previously, so i had to close charts and reopen the right ones, and now they all match.


2. If you close a chart, does the EA stop trading on it? If not, how would you stop the EA from trading that currency pair?

3. What do you do at the end of the week, when you check the Prop Firm Robot App to see the top performers and they’re different? So basically, if the “top 5 pairs” for the next week, are different pairs from last weeks, how do you remove last week’s robots properly?

Thank you very much everyone! 🙂



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