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User AvatarNicholas Moreno

Hi traders,

I’m following along with Petko’s video to compile the robot source code in order to place it on the MT5 platform.

I’ve downloaded the top5 EAs, opened them on my VPS and clicked “Compile” in MetaEditor.

The issue I’m running into is, in Petko’s demo video, i see the MQL5 files show up right away, in the same folder, with a green check mark right after compiling them.

For me, that is not happening. They don’t show up in the same folder where the downloaded EAs are, which is saved to my desktop. I’ve been searching for them but can’t find them.

Does anyone know where to find the Complied files?

I’ll attach some images below:

What MetaEditor Looks like after i open the EA and hit “Compile”

What my folder looks like after compiling the EA file (notice, no MQL5 program files with a green check mark, as in Petko’s demo):

Thank you very much for your help!


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