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User AvatarNicholas Moreno

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions while getting my EAs set up on a Demo Account:

1.) When we download the robots and select the right account size from the Robots App, do we need to do any adjusting of the Pips for Stop Loss / Take Profit at all? Or they’re already correct? How about when scaling?

2.) Does anything change if we decide to use just 1 EA vs. 10 EAs on the account? Will the robots prevent us from entering too many trades at once across multiple pairs, and manage risk so as not to blow the account, if we are running multiple robots?

3.) Also, let’s say we are doing a $400K Challenge. Would we download the $200K challenge, then what settings would we adjust to make it suitable for a $400K Challenge? Would it just be the lot sizes only, or do we adjust pips for Take Profit and Stop Loss (similar question as above). What other adjustments would we make, if we download the $200K robot, but want to adjust it for a $400K Account?


Thanks so much everyone for your help 🙂

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