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User AvatarJoseph Yong

Hi Guys,

My small turbo challenge just got knock out by The Funded Engineer not because of the FTMO EA but I think this Prop firm is not dishonest.I have  checked my  dasboard and I didn’t break any rules of their rules . So stay away from this prop firm.

Hello Joseph ,

I hope this message finds you well.

Thank you for reaching us out via email, As per checking you are trading during market rollover, during this time spreads and slippage tends to widen unpredictably.

Price didn’t need to close down your allowed Max Daily / Daily drawdown for account to be breach as soon as price hit your allowed max equity drawdown then the account will be breached.

If you are wondering why your dashboard show a value above the allowed loss limit that is because at some point your account went below the allowed equity limit then got breach after that price went in your favor and got close above it.

It’s designed that way otherwise people would continue to hold to a losing trade until it becomes positive if this is not the case.

Should you have other questions and query, please feel free to contact us via live chat available in the website.

Best regards,

Funded Engineer Team

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