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User AvatarRichard Gregory

I also have Infinity Forex Funds 200k funded account. I had to hunt around for this rule.

Max $4,000 in the first withdrawal.
Max $5,000 in the second withdrawal,

unlimited thereafter.

So I think you have done well for your first withdrawal. I got 19.5k profit using Forex Gold Investor but got caught with consistency rule. So no 4k for my first month. I knew that would happen because the first week I used another EA and split each trades into 10 smaller ones giving much smaller lot sizes. It wasn’t profiting so used Forex Gold Investor for the last 3 weeks and boy did go! 19.5k. Good thing with IFF is I’ve not lost my account. Next month will be all the same robot (Forex Gold Investor) and much better for consistency rule.

By the way, Forex Gold Investor has been without trades last 3 days. Very quiet. Could it be an Easter thing? Happy Easter Petko and all. ‘And remember…I love you’ 🤣 🐤

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