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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Gregor,

The best way to determine which robots to trade is to look at them with the Y1 selected. This will show you how the robots have been performing over the last one year. Notice the robots go through periods of stagnation and drawdown. What you also want to look at is the overall trend line. You want to concentrate on those robots that have an upward sloping trendline. Next would be to see how often they trade by looking at the “Count of Trades” You can now divide that number by 52 to see how many trades are taken in one week. Next look at the upper right hand corner of the chart for each robot. What you want to see is the trendline moving in an upward direction. These are the robots you would want to select for trading as they show current profitability. Right now I see XAUUSD M5, XAUUSD M15, XAUUSD M30 that meet the criteria. I also see EURAUD M30, USDCAD M5 moving in a sideways direction or stagnation period. Eventually these robots will most likely continue to trad in a upward direction so I would watch this one one a daily basis. If it starts to move higher then it would be a candidate for trading. I also see AUDUSD M15 has most likely completed its drawdown and is starting to move upward. As soon as this robot makes a new higher high it will become a good candidate for trading so I would also watch this robot on a daily basis. Hopefully is gives you a good idea on how I would select these robots for trading. Keep an eye on each robot on a daily basis and when the robots start moving higher or has made a new higher high consider them tradable candidates. Also with the robots you decide to trade watch them on a daily basis and if they start to move lower like AUDCHF M30 or GBPAUD M30 I would close out any open trades and replace them. Hopefully, this description will give you some good ideas on how to trade the robots.


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