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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Skeltor0906,

I haven’t had much success picking the top 1 to top 3 from the Prop Firm Robots W1 or M1 settings. So I changed the way I select the robots. I set the Prop Firm Robots settings to Y5 and download and install all 14 robots in a Challenge. I then set the lot size to 0.01 for each of the 14 robots. This way when they trade they will not change the account balance significantly. I then let them all trade for 1 week. I then find the one or two robots that have traded during the week. I then set the lot size for these robots back to their normal value they had when downloaded. This way you let the market pick the robots that are performing well in the current market environment instead of you picking them. This will probably work better for you!


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