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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Traders,

On February 18, 2024 I downloaded all 14 of the FTMO app robots to my Infinity Forex Funds 100K Algo Evaluation account. I then reduced the lot size to 0.01 so I could monitor for one week how these robots would perform with a different prop firm other than FTMO. The following chart shows the results of that one week evaluation. I chose GBPAUD to trade the next week with normal lot size for a low risk account as determined by the FTMO app because it showed profit for the week and was the top performer. I also chose XAUUSD to trade the next week with a low risk account lot size even though it showed a small loss. My reason for including this robot to trade next week was because is had one winning trade and ONLY had one losing trade for the week and was also the second top performer. Since XAUUSD had one winning trade for the week I decided so trade it the following week as there was a good chance it could have a winning trade next week. If XAUUSD would have had two losing trades for the week I would not have made the decision to trade it the following week. Anyway, these are the types of decisions a trader must make.

The following chart shows the trade results for the following week, the week of February 25th. The results show XAUUSD with a nice profit for the week but also shows GBPAUD had no trades for the week. XAUUSD had 7 trades with 5 winning trades for a 2.5 to 1 ratio and also had a profit factor of 16.23 to 1. I also notice USDCAD came in second place this week with a winning trade. This tells me the current market environment is good for this robot so I will add it to my list of trading robots with a normal lot size for the low account risk robot I downloaded. My list of three trading robots now include XAUUSD, GBPAUD, and USDCAD.

My next update will be during the weekend of March 9.


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