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User Avatarfxbam

(Has anyone found any consistency from testing to actual trading)

I’ve done testing and I’m currently running the FTMO Robot on 5 different charts.

I’m 3 days in and not a single trade has been placed.

  • “Allow Options” have been checked.
  • “Algo Trading” is turned on.
  • Entry lots is below 1.0.
  • I’ve tried increasing the spread (points) but it was already good.
  • News filter is working.
  • Active protections showing on each chart are good.
  • Allow Algo Trading is checked for each EA.
  • I don’t see any errors.
  • All the other values are good too.

I’ve done testing over an extended period of time and have an average of what to expect each week and month. I even rounded down to give a more realistic number. My concern is that with the 5 charts that are running I haven’t has one trade open yet.

Something doesn’t feel right here.

If no trades open up this week I’m expecting approximately 30 trades to open over the next 3 weeks. I know that will not realistically happen. This is why I’m mentioning something now.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m wonder is this EA is blocking trades on this account?

It appears this week has been a complete waste. I’m curious to hear from anyone who has experienced this and was able to resolve it.

Maybe there is something simple I’m overlooking?

I’m not sure if there is anything else to consider.

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